Deveron Amateur

Swimming Club

Get Involved


We are run by volunteers and we require a commitment from every swimmer for a family member to become involved. Whether it is getting involved with the Management Committee, on poolside assisting Squad Coaches, time keeping or judging at a swim meet either in Banff or another pool, or helping out with fundraising. No previous experience required – you will learn as you become more involved and you will find it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We require that you are SASA (Scottish Amateur Swimming Association) registered and complete the necessary PVG paperwork.

Time Keeping

Time keepers are required for all competitions. There are regular Timekeeping Courses organised by the Swimming Technical Officer (STO) throughout the year which we encourage parents to attend. Course dates are posted on the Facebook Page or Club Notice Board.


As with time keeping, judges are also required for competitions to proceed.  The training for this follows on from the time keeping qualification.  

If you are interested please contact the STO (Swimming Technical Officer).