Deveron Amateur

Swimming Club



Committee members are volunteer parents who work hard to ensure the administration and organisation of the Club is undertaken and financial viability is maintained.  

Please contact any Committee Member if you would like clarification of any issues and we will try to assist or liaise with the appropriate person to answer your query.

The Committee meet on a monthly basis and welcomes members to attend.  Minutes can be accessed by contacting the Secretary.

Our Management Committee




Child Protection Officer

Swimming Technical Officer

Assistant STO

Gala Convenors

Meet Secretary

Membership Secretary

General Committee Members

Jane Beaton

Marie Wilson

Craig Wood  

Mandy Chalmers

Wendy Smith

Craig Wood

Kimberley Milne      

Sonia Stewart

Nicola Gregor

Alison Wood

Lynne Barnett

Elaine West

Christine Duncan

Rachel Marner

Fiona Christie

Louisa McKay